A Hand Up Means You Give Back

Today we went to a food bank in a nieghboring town. This Helping Hands Network was started by Elizabeth Killeta, after her husband died over 20 years ago.

The organization is unique in that they ask for donations from the same people who are receiving help. I am sure you have heard the old saying, “charity bigins at home.”

The fact is that is someone has become so needy that he or she is not even willing to donate $5.00 for the program that keeps food on the table for them, that person we’ll have an even harder time making the life changes that are needed to make a better life for ones self.

Let me give you an example of two individuals who have adopted a mindset of entitlement. Both of them had been in automobile accidents in their youth. Both of them find ways to make other people do what they feel they don’t have to do. At different times in their lives the two women both used a wheelchair to gain simpathy from others. Don’t get me wrong I use a blind cane to help me get around and I know that driver’s tend to be more careful  when they see the cane. But this is different.

Both of these women tend to prey on the simpathy of others to get through life. I work a full time job and don’t ask for anything more than what the need of the ministry may be. The $5.00 donation that the Helping Hands Network asks for helps but food for the community that makes the donations. The group hand to reformat the in 2009 due to a lack of funding. By asking for donations from those who receive the help the Colton food AKA the Helping Hands Network has been able to stay afloat.

In many ways the Donations represent tything and a respect for the community that has worked so hard to stay afloat in the hardest of times.

The sick irony is found in the fact that the liberals who cut founding for programs like this due to the Christian roots of the program are also the largest demographic of recipients. By almost 90%.

If you wish to read more articles like this please donate. Until next time, may God be with you.

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