Credentials of Our Founder

Anthony Wayne Antolic can be described as a road scalar. He was inspired by men like Hemingway who saught out adventure so he could say that he has “done that.” Antolic attended Mount Angel Seminary in 2004 but left because he could not see himself living a monastic lifestyle.

In stead Mr. Antolic left the Catholic seminary and got married. He continued his studies in both Anthropology and Theology on his own. Along the way, some of his readership started to call him Doctor, partly because his screen name at the time was drantolic. The D.R. stood for Dominic Rafael which was Brother Antolic’s name that he took as a Servite Brother. Still the tittle Doctor seemed to follow him.

Mr. Antolic was falsely diagnosed with Cancer and shortly after that his wife left him and accused him of lying to her about the Cancer. He has since re married and found a new life in Christ. “Anarchy Empowered has become my ministry and I look forward to ever podcast. Religion is the political nature of Theology and until people realise this fact, no one will find salvation.” Mr. Antolic is an ordained minister of the Church of Life but more than any thing he sees himself as a son of Adam and works to promote charity and love to work toward a better lgoing

Mr. Antolic spent the bulk of his adult life speaking out against the Welfare System, only to have to concede his position after having to file for disability himself as his health worsened. Now he preaches about the love of Christ and extending Christ’s love to our neighbours.