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Antolic Enterprises offers a free faith based magazine called Anarchy Empowered. This magazine gives young or aspiring authors a chance to be heard in a forum that will not be abused. Your children are safe to visit because the stories are written to inspire.

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If you are not wanting to have to deal with spamming or profane ads, but don’t want to have to pay for the ad, we can help. Anarchy Empowered is a donation based classified ad board with strong Christian roots. We ask that you make a $5.00 donation to help us keep the service running, but we will post your ad without any donations.

We proof each ad and will reject any ad that is not family safe. Every ad we post will have a request for a donation at the bottom because this is how we opporate the site.

Employers find that they find a much higher group of cadidates for employment when using our services, because the people who look on our site are not going to be the type to use profane speach or disrespect others.

If you wish to read more articles and classified ads like this please donate. Until next time, may God be with you.