Syllabus Anthro 468

This is a for year course and you are just at the beginning.
Welcome to Cultural Anthropology 468 (Exploring the Occult Through Deductive Reasoning)
Your instructor will be: Professor Anthony W. Antolic
Class Structure: 5 days in the feild working on Crime Scenes 1 day in the Lab 1 day to study
Curriculum And Core Studies:
Spiritual, magical, and “occult” aspects of human behavior in anthropological and historical perspective: magic, ritual curing, trance, spirit possession, sorcery, and accusations of witchcraft. Material drawn from traditional nonwestern societies, medieval and early modern Europe, and colonial and contemporary North America.


Week 1 A discussion on the Progressive Movement and the left left-wing Socialist Democrat.

Read Chapters 1-7 of The Many Faces of God (Required)

Week 2 A discussion on perceptive reality (Subjective Truth)
A trip to the Wharrham Percy dig in England.

Read chapters 1-20 of “The Last Banzai
Week 3 we meet at the Scotland Yard Forensics Lab in Edinborough. We will have hands on experience with an ongoing Occult related serial murder case. Take good notes. Any any all notes and cites that you may you in this class will be uploaded on for the class to use. You will be graded on both academic and your ability to work within rhe community.

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