Miracles on the Sabbath

Did you know that every miracle that is recorded that Jesus performed was on the Sabbath? We all know the stories but many overlook the fact that the act was always performed on the Sabbath and the Sanhedrin was always angry about it.

For those who have not figured it out, Jesus was a Radical and every chance he got to put the government in their rightful place was taken advantage of. You see the Jews had their “oral law” and this law was later put in written form and is called the Mishnah. The Jews had built a hedge around the Sabbath with their “oral law” in which they were trying not to break the Sabbath. The reason they did this was two fold. Years earlier they had disobeyed God by profaning God’s Sabbaths and worshiping idols and God had them carried away into the Babylonian captivity for seventy years (Ezekiel 20:23-24, Jeremiah 25:11.)

After the Babylonian captivity the Jews became very strict and did not do any idol worship from that time on. In order not to break the Sabbath the Jews created their “oral law” (Mishnah) and the largest tractate of the Seder Mo’ed deals with the Sabbath. Chapter seven has a list of thirty-nine chief kinds of work that are forbidden on the Sabbath. Some of these laws involve: sowing, plowing, reaping, baking and even extinguishing a fire. So you can see the they went a bit overboard.

When Jesus was old enough to know right from wrong he began to teach in the Temple, so the Jewish government understood that he knew the law, but just because a man makes a law does not mean that God the father agrees with it.

When Jesus was chastised for healing a crippled woman, he called the so-called authorities, ‘”Hypocrite!” Does not each one of you on the Sabbath loose his ox or donkey from the stall, and lead it away to water it’ (Luke,13:16)?

The truth is, Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath and that makes the Sabbath the true “Lord’s Day.’ In performing these seven Sabbath miracles, Jesus is showing us how to keep the Sabbath. He emphasized the humane element of mercy, compassion and loving-kindness by healing and “doing good” on the Sabbath. He showed us that we are not to be “hard hearted” as the Pharisees were when it comes to the Sabbath. We need to keep the Sabbath as Jesus did by worshiping God and “doing good!”

We must remember that Jesus reminds us that the “the Sabbath was created for Man, Man was not created for the Sabbath” (Mark, 2:27). If we all kept the charitable nature of Christ all week and showed the love of Christ to our neighbours, there would be no need for government assistance.

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How Does Religion Disrupt​ Government?

People love to say that religion and politics don’t mix. Well to date I have been given a rather harsh reality check. As my vision fails and I am forced to entertain getting on public assistance, I am seeing some validation to the liberal’s arguments and I must admit when I am wrong.

My stand against public assistance came from my personal need to reject any assistance from an entity who turns people’s back against God. But much of my opinion came from people who have been forced to pay others to be lazy when they are working their fingers to the bone. But out here on the frontier the people who need help, need it not because we are lazy but rather because we have no other choice.

But a one-sided relationship also known as a charitable relationship could be extremely destructive. Co-dependency tends to harbor resentment from those who are dependent and those who are providing. My Ex-wife, Kansa and I had a co-dependant relationship. Through most of our marriage I was working to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. She was on public assistance when we got married and she lost it shortly after she got married, because I made too much money. I got sick and she had to go to work. I as soon as I got well and she checked into the hospital and filed for divorce. She was told that as long as she is married she will not qualify for assistance; just to get back under the umbrella of public assistance. It seems to me that the government hates the religious institution of marriage because it helps people break from underneath the thumb of our oppression.

Religion in general teaches people to be self-sufficient and when the largest employer in America happens to be the Welfare system, there should be no questions about why the government needs you on welfare. Just think about how many people would be unemployed if we did away with it.

Anarchy Empowered promotes true charity that comes from the heart and offers ways the help the person in need  to become more self-sufficient. We believe that education and motivation are the key for a healthy and productive future.

Many of the mental illnesses that keep the Welfare system strong could be removed forever if we as a nation would stop promoting them. Every time Jesus preformed a miracle he called on the person receiving help to do something on his or her part first. If the cripple did not try to stand, he would have never known he could walk.

Our government hates religion because it gives a sense of empowerment to oppressed. Meanwhile I still feel safer walking down the street with a white cane and not because I can’t get around but because it helps drives understand that I may not realize that I am in an intersection.

My name is Anthony Antolic. I founder Antolic Enterprises to help others realize that what the world calls a disabled American is simply a labeled person who may choose to live life feeling sorry for his or her self or learn to get passed the limitations that the world puts on us.

I am Anthony Antolic. I am blind as the world labels me, but I am not defined by my cane. I am a son of God. An earthly son of my father and mother. I am an uncle and a brother. I have a loving wife and a passion for inspiring others. I am also proud to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints and reject the will never of Man’s political nature: for “The natural man is an Enemy to God and should be put off” (Mosiah, 2:9).

Government opposes religion as a whole because sin is big money. Look at how much money and influence Vagas has on our economic landscape. Drugs, Alcohol and prostitution feed the carnel nature of our natural man, so what does our government do? They make it legal and put sin taxes on the products. Marriage and strong families are grounded upon by the elect because strong families have kids who are less likely to become welfare dependant.

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