The Most Famous Anarchist of Them All

SadduceesMost of Christian faith tradition loves to ignore one extremely important fact.

Jesus the Christ was an Anarchist!

Is this a heretical statement, or is there truth to it? Like our mission statement says, “that we are redefining the role of charity in society.” The reason this redefinition is important is a kinn to the scripture passage the we know as the cleansing of the Temple.

If you think about it and be completely honest with ourselves, everything Jesus did was detected as a objesct lesson towards the Sanhedrin, which was the Jewish government of Jesus’ day. Every merricle that Jesus performed was on the Sabbath and within ear shot of the established authority.

Jesus taught love and charity which contradicted the judgemental nature of the two political parties that ruled over the Jewish people. The Pharisees and Sadducees both had an undeniable thirst power and the way Jesus was teaching people to lead their own lives contradicted and even threatened their positions. As a result a Man who never set out to harm anyone was placed on a cross to be suffocated in his own blood.

The government convinced the common man to hate and kill both the teachings of Jesus but his following as well. It was the mob rule of Democratic Systems that put the most famous anarchist in the history of civilization to death of a cross.

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